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TDWG Biodiversity Services and Clients Interest Group (BSCI)

The aim of the Biodiversity Services and Clients Interest Group (BSCI) is to promote improved interoperability of biodiversity web services through common service API design principles, recognition of the needs of client systems, harmonized and machine-readable service documents, and a joint service registration system for promotion and discovery purposes as well as service monitoring.

Over the last 15 years, the biodiversity informatics community underwent a fundamental technological shift from database-driven, human-readable web portals to service infrastructures for machine-to-machine communication. However, many of the new service layers have been designed in isolation and were not conceived as standardised and reliable functional units in a global biodiversity service-oriented infrastructure.

The Interest Group will continuously assess the biodiversity service infrastructure landscape and coordinate a harmonisation process for service APIs and their documentation. An important focus will be the analysis of criteria for service usability in integrating systems (e.g. workflow environments such as Kepler and Taverna), stability and versioning of service APIs, as well as semantic interoperability.



  • James Macklin (james.macklin [at]
  • Anton Güntsch (a.guentsch [at]
  • Niall Beard (niall.beard [at]

Core Members

  • Alan Williams ( alan.r.williams [at] )
  • Aleksandra Nenadic (a.nenadic [at]
  • Andreas Müller (a.mueller [at]
  • Andreas Kohlbecker (a.kohlbecker [at]
  • Bertram Ludäscher (ludaesch [at]
  • David Fichtmüller (d.fichtmueller [at]
  • Dominik Röpert (d.roepert [at]
  • Florian Jansen (jansen [at]
  • Greg Whitbread (whitbread.greg [at]
  • Ji Liqiang (ji [at]
  • John Wieczorek (tuco [at]
  • Maren Gleisberg (m.gleisberg [at]
  • Norman Morrison (norman.morrison [at]
  • Paul Morris (mole [at]


See TDWG BSCI Charter 2015.pdf