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1st Meeting of the TDWG Biodiversity Services and Clients Interest Group (BSCI), September 30, 2015 during the TDWG 2015 Annual Conference

Participants: James Macklin, Anton Güntsch, Andreas Müller, Lutz Suhrbier, Chuck Miller, Greg Whitbred, Nicky Nicholson, John Wieczorek, Paul Morris, Ji Liqiang, John Deck

The meeting was organised in conjunction with a "Biodiversity Informatics Services and Workflows" Symposium during the 2015 meeting of TDWG. The purpose was to inform TDWG participants about the activities of the new BSCI Interest Group and to agree on a work plan for the next year. James Macklin and Anton Güntsch informed the participants about BSCI Charter which has been approved by the TDWG Executive. In addition, a BSCI website has been set up on the BioWikiFarm which will be used for compiling materials and documenting the work of the interest group ( as well as for publishing recommendations.

Allthough the agreement on recommendations are part of the work plan for the comming year, the participants made already a clear statement that using the BiodiversityCatalogue for registering biodiversity-related web-services will be one of the recommendations. A more formal (applicability) statement will be submitted until October 2016.

During the discussion, several suggestions for improvements of the BiodiversityCatalogue were made:

  • Multilingual user interface.
  • Additional tags for indicating TDWG standards compliance of services (e.g. DwC, ABCD, SDD, TCS).
  • In the service metadata examples section it should be possible to link up example queries held in GitHub repositories.
  • Add function for uploading/synchronising existing structured services descriptions created with Swagger for example.

The participants agreed on the following work plan for the next year:

  • Compile existing documents on the BSCI website (guidelines, best practices, API principles, metadat schemes for service annotations, etc).
  • Agree on IG recommendations. (March 2016).
  • Formal (applicability) statement the use of the BiodiversityCatalogue recommended registry of Biodiversity Informatics services. (October 2016).

New members of the Interest Group:

  • Ji Liqiang
  • Greg Whitbread
  • John Wieczorek